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Author Ravish Patwardhan on Aspects of Politics

Ravish Patwardhan considers a topic that pervades, either explicitly or implicitly, every corner of the world where community exists.  Political structure may well be labeled “hierarchical structure” or “rules of engagement.”  However, in most if not all circumstances, politics (as any relationship) has rules.  An understanding of these rules may be better found by examples, because a balance exists where the rules of the legislation don’t necessarily match the rules of that region’s politics.

The concept of politics, as Patwardhan notes, may be apparent by age two.  Children negotiating with a parent, for example, or each other, may assess the political implications of self vs. other, and may take calculated risks.  The evolution of such politics in a human, whether playing one parent off another or in an elected office, may be similar.  The structure of Patwardhan’s discussion hence involves a historical basis for the specific political topic being considered, along with present status and considerations for the future.

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